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Rugby: Concussion and returning to play

Now we are back in the midst of the rugby term, can we take this opportunity to remind you of the protocols if your son is unlucky enough to be concussed during a rugby match. This is something that we are all very sensitive about in order to ensure best practice. Please follow the link to the RFU website  so that you can familiarise yourself with the suggested protocol. In case of a head injury please ensure the following steps are undertaken.

The coaches have been instructed to follow the guideline 'If in doubt, sit them out' and any player who leaves the field of play after a head injury will not return in that game.

  • If your son suffers a head injury during the course of a match he should be seen by their doctor on the following working day. If it is diagnosed as concussion we will follow the RFU protocol.
  • We will gradually reintroduce him to exercise once he is symptom free for a sustained period of time.
  • The advice is clear that he should not play contact again until he is signed off as fit by a medical professional, the onus will be on parents to ensure that their son has fulfilled these medical requirements.
  • If your son finds himself in this situation, please email his rugby coach, the school nurse), and copy in Head of rugby, Mr S P Smith to confirm that you are happy for him to return to playing contact.

See here for a very useful video on the Rugby Worldcup website.


Mr S. Smith

Head of Rugby
Knights Templar School