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The Knights Templar School

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Green Knights

Who we are and what we do.

Green Knights is a small selection of students from Years 7 – 10 accompanied by
Miss Staines every week.

We work to make our school more aware of how we can be good for the planet and also highlight things that we as a community are not doing well. We also aim to grow plants ranging from fruit and vegetables to herbs and wildflowers. In our club sessions we spend time in the garden, working with our chickens or planning things we can do moving forward to make our school a good and healthy place.

When & where do we meet?

We meet every Tuesday in either T17 or straight over at our garden. Our club sessions tend to be from 1.20pm to 2.10pm. However, though we only meet on a Tuesday, we have people everyday of the week tending for the chickens and water the plants we have growing.

How can I join?

All joining information is on our Green Knights information board outside the Philosophy, Religion & Ethics Office in downstairs t-block. Simply come along to one week and see how you find it. We can have up to around 20 members so we have room for new people to join. Upon joining you will get to learn new skills in areas such as gardening, teamwork and how to care for animals and will be able to engage in the planning of events or changes for the school moving forward.

Things we have coming up …

We annually sell our homemade apple juice at the Christmas Fete and that will be taking place in December this year.

We also we start preparing for the winter season and are currently in the process of re-vamping our tools and equipment shed to make it easier to access and more ‘at home’ with the environment it is in.