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The Knights Templar School

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A warm welcome to The Knights Templar School

As the Headteacher it is my goal to ensure that your son or daughter is fully prepared for the many challenges of the 21st Century. Central to achieving this is the school’s motto ‘Courage and Courtesy’. We recognise the importance of developing and providing all our students with the courage, confidence and communication skills they require to flourish and succeed, but also to promote traditional values of courtesy, respect and good discipline.

We pride ourselves on being an academic school which maintains high standards and expectations.  Academic achievement, underpinned by the highest quality teaching, means we perform consistently among the best schools in the country, with OFSTED judging us to be “a good school” and outstanding in the area of behaviour and safety.  We do, however, see our role as more than simply academic educators. Learning is at the very heart of everything we do, so having the students focused and engaged in lessons means we can get the very best from them.

Our reputation for excellence is recognised at local, national and international levels and our commitment extends to ensuring that all our students benefit from what the school has to offer. We believe students flourish if they lead rich and varied lives. We are immensely proud of our exciting and wide ranging curricular and extra-curricular provision and all students are encouraged to take full advantage of the opportunities available to them. Knights Templar is a place where young people are able to learn and enjoy school, developing their talents to the full.

It is vital that the school, students and parents work in partnership to ensure we achieve positive outcomes, so we encourage an open flow of communication between school and home. This will ensure that as parents you will feel in touch with your child’s development and are able to play an active and supportive role in it. We firmly believe that taking time to build positive relationships is crucial and will ensure that all students are provided with the care and support they need to enjoy school life.

The school is open to children of all abilities and our outstanding pastoral care ensures that every student receives the nurturing, support and guidance they need. As an integral part of our community, we accommodate students from all backgrounds.

Being a central part of the community provides us with exceptional links with all the primary schools both in Baldock and the surrounding villages. We are very proud of our excellent relationships with business and industry in Baldock. We believe this provides the students with a sense of cohesion within the town and enables them to actively participate in the local and wider community.

We are fully committed to preparing our young people to be thoughtful, capable, responsible citizens of the future. This is a great school, staffed with passionate, inspirational teachers, and is a special place for children to learn and grow. I’m sure you will sense the energy and enthusiasm when you visit us.

Tim Litchfield