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Science: Key Stage 4

The Key Stage 4 Science curriculum at KTS begins in the early part of Year 9 where all students begin to study Combined / Separate Science. When possible we use materials to make a gentle transition from KS3 to KS4. The course is usually taught by 3 teachers: a subject specialist for Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

This course continues into Year 10 and 11. For all students (“Combined” & “Separate”), there will be  two exams in each science subject at the end of Year 11 that lead to x2 or x3 GCSE’s.

A number of our scientists opt for separate science curriculum as part of the Year 9 options process, sitting longer exams at the end of Year 11 and achieving 3 separate qualifications in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

All the GCSE Science courses that we teach follow the AQA specifications. Students are provided with appropriate textbooks by the department covering each area appropriate for their tier of entry:

Biology Units

Chemistry Units

Physics Units


The Musculo-Skeletal System


Cell Biology

Communicable Diseases

Atomic Structure

Periodic table

Properties of transition metals*

Reactivity of metals

Reactions of acids



Particle model of matter

Year 9

Practical Cell Biology & Microscopy



Plant Diseases*

Adaptations & Competition


Trophic Levels*

Food Production*

Bonding and Structure

  • Ionic
  • Covalent
  • Metallic
  • Nanoparticles*


Organic Chemistry

Reactions of alkenes and alcohols*


Chemistry of the Atmosphere

Rates of Reaction

Energy Changes

Chemical and Fuel cells*


EM spectrum

Energy Changes

Mains Electricity, Safety & Power

The National Grid

Electricity Generation

Pressure and Moments*

Year 10




Human Nervous System


Plant Hormones*

Inheritance, Variation & Evolution

Quantitative Chemistry

Yield and Atom Economy*

Concentration of solutions and gas volumes*

Chemical Analysis

Identifying Ions*

Using Resources

Using materials and the Haber Process*

Atomic structure



Static & Electric Fields*

Magnets/ Electromagnetism*

Nuclear Fission & Fusion

Space Physics*

Year 11

* Separate science classes only

The units are taught by subject specialists for 9 hours per two week cycle- whilst students following the separate science approach have an extra 5 lessons. The Science Department undertakes to provide opportunities for students to use Information & Communication Technology in fulfilment of the ICT regulations of the National Curriculum.