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How can parents and carers support  their child to make better progress in PE?

 Help them with their organisation to ensure they always have their correct PE kit with them

Encourage them to try as many different activities as possible

Encourage them to work with different people in PE lessons, not just their friends, and people that are better than them

Encourage them to try new or difficult skills, remind them that it's ok to make mistakes as that's how you learn and consequently improve

Remind them that it is ok to lose, to fail, to not be the best - as long as they try their hardest and listen  to try to improve then they will be a winner!

Unless they are sufficiently unwell enough to stay off school, encourage them to TRY to do their PE lesson - often exercise has a healing effect both physically and mentally

Do not write a note asking to excuse your child from PE if they are ill, have their period, or are fasting. The staff in the PE department are qualified professionals who will ensure the well-being of the students

Ensure your child still brings their PE kit for lessons even if they cannot physically participate due to injury as they will still be involved in the learning in the lesson as a coach, leader, official etc

Support and encourage them to attend extra-curricular activities

Help reduce the barriers to participation ...'my friends don't do it' - sport is a brilliant way to make new & different friends 

'I can't get a lift home' - can they share lifts, arrange a car share rota?

'I'm no good at that sport' - don't expect to be brilliant at something you've only tried once! The great thing about sport is how much progress you make if you are prepared to practice and persevere

'I'm too stressed with my exams to do PE' - this is EXACTLY the time when physical exercise is most important, not only will it relieve stress it will also refresh and refocus your mind so you can concentrate better  

'I haven't got time to exercise I've got coursework/ homework/ revision to do' - research shows that students who participate in regular physical activity achieve on average AT LEAST one grade higher on ALL their subjects.


Daily Exercise can boost pupils GCSE results by a grade’ 


‘Moderate to vigorous exercise boosts academic performance’

Join in the fun and do some sport or physical activity with your children at home! Research shows parental involvement and support (especially by Mum/mother figure) will ensure lifelong participation by their children


Participating further: Community Sports Clubs

Find out about local sports clubs in the community and encourage your children to join them!local-club-directory/crr0


It doesn't matter what they do, it's just important they do something!

Finding that magic something might take months or years but the benefits that regular participation in physical activity bring mean it'll definitely be worth the wait!