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Year 7 - PE

Year 7 Testing

During the first half term at Knights Templar all Year 7 students are put through a robust and thorough testing period.  The rationale behind this is to test the physical competency of all students to ensure they are set accurately.  Testing comprises of four lessons from the following activities:

  • Boys’ Rugby (Outwitting an opponent)
  • Girls’ Netball (Outwitting an opponent)
  • Badminton/Table tennis (Net/ Wall games)
  • Mixed Dance/Gymnastic (Aesthetic activity)

Students are taught in single sex groups only, however should be prepared to work in both mixed and single sex after the testing period.  Attached is a copy of the rotation of activities if your son/daughter is confused.  Once the testing period has finished students are set accordingly and will participate in their new group until Year 10.  Occasionally staff may feel that the progress of an individual is being affected by the group they are in and a set change is required.  This will occur at the discretion of the class teacher in consultation with the teacher in charge of key stage 3.  Proposed changes are reviewed regularly and are made immediately, if required.  Rest assured that the testing protocol is robust and accurate and is taught by experienced professionals.


Year 7 Testing Rotation 2017