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Learning Support

What we are trying to achieve with our students

In Learning Development we aim to support pupils with Special Educational Needs to become independent learners and develop confidence and self esteem. 

We aim to give them a range of strategies to overcome certain aspects of their learning difficulty, which they can apply to all areas of their life in order to achieve their goals. 

We also offer pastoral support to pupils across all year groups.  We support pupils in a range of lessons and try to complement the ethos of each department. We are involved in many different areas such as running social skills groups and a young carers group, with the aim of ensuring that all pupils have a voice and feel valued and supported and are ready to access all of the educational opportunities available at Knights Templar School.

The staff in LDD are:

Mrs E. Mitchell Director of Inclusion/SENDCo/Designated teacher for
                        Children Looked After

Mrs V. Bell (HLTA)

Miss K. Brown

Mrs B. Elliott

Mrs S. Jenkins 1:1 tutor

Mrs K. MacLeod

Mrs U. Norman

Mrs S. Pinder

Mrs C. Sharp (HLTA)

Mrs M Shaw B.Ed

Mrs T. Tredgett (HLTA)

Mrs V. Webber (HLTA)

Mrs J Wiltshire

Mrs C. Wright (HLTA)

The LDD support pupils in all subjects and work across key Stages 3 and 4.  Support in Key stage 5 is often of a more pastoral nature.  
We work with pupils on developing focus and concentration in the lesson and aiding their understanding of the work being covered or on short programmes of intervention based on their specific difficulties.

We have a 1:1 tutor one day a week to work with pupils who need to consolidate areas of learning in either English or Maths in order to move forward. 

We run a Lexia programme to support pupils with Dyslexia or weaker Literacy skills.

In LDD we run a range of groups and clubs including Games Club where pupils can develop their social skills, a daily homework club and a Young Carers group.

We act as a safe haven for many pupils and as mentors for a range of pupils who may have emotional or behavioural difficulties. 

See here for the SEND Information Report
See here for the Family Support Worker Core Offer


Examinations: Access Arrangements

Having extra time in an examination is essential for those entitled to this. Please click on the link below to get advice on how best to use this.

Extra Time Advice



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