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Drama and Theatre Studies


Click here for an informative video telling you what the KTS Drama Department can offer. 


Our Vision:

The Drama Department aims to build the confidence of our students to present and communicate their creative ideas to an audience. 

Students will develop their verbal and non-verbal communication skills through a variety of practical group activities. 

We believe that involvement in drama and theatre enables students to express themselves with more clarity and assurance.   Students are encouraged to be independent through their research and exploration of dramatic texts and stimuli, to be reflective in their analysis and evaluation of the creative process and to be effective in their participation and co-operation in rehearsals and performances. 

Student wellbeing and the Social Emotional Aspects of Learning form the focus of much of our work, as well as covering aspects of PSHE and Citizenship.

Our long term aim is to foster the atmosphere of a theatre company with all students reaching their full potential as a creative artist (performer, director, deviser or designer) or a technician (lighting and sound operation, costume, prop and set building).

Staff List

Andrew Sills
Mr Sills has a long history in the Drama department and has been a huge influence on the department as you find it today. He was Head of the Department when he first joined Knights Templar some years ago and has enjoyed directing many shows over the years. He primarily teaches students Drama in Year 12 and Year 13 as he is very busy in his wider role across the school leading the Performing Arts Faculty, the Humanities Faculty and whole school Curriculum. However, his love of all aspects of theatre means he doesn’t stay away from the department for too long.

Martin Breadmore
Mr Breadmore was a student at Knights Templar, a theatre technician for 3 years and is now a much loved teacher in the Drama department. He is well known for his enthusiasm and cheeriness and can be often heard wishing students a hearty ‘Morning, morning!’ at the start of the day. As well as running our very popular Open Mic Club, Mr Breadmore works with Mrs Gunnell to organise and support Year 10 students with Work Experience. Mr Breadmore’s commitment to Knights Templar was further illustrated when he became the school Community Coordinator last year.

Joanne Spurling
Mrs Spurling joined Knights Templar in 2016 and is passionate about encouraging student involvement in the arts. She enjoys the diversity found in teaching all year groups but is most proud when students in every year come together for the annual school production.  Her background is in contemporary, devised theatre and you will find she is particularly enthusiastic when students create something from nothing.

Tracey Harper
Mrs Harper joined the Drama department in April 2020 teaching drama at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 5. She has a particular love of physical theatre and is keen to work with students to create symbolic drama work. A dab hand with a sewing machine, Mrs Harper is interested is costume design and creation and will be introducing a costume club to the drama extra curricular programme.

Mr R Grover, Performing Arts Technician
Mr. Grover joined KTS in 2019 and maintains and organises technical equipment used by the Drama and Music Departments. In addition to ensuring these departments run smoothly day-to-day, he is also involved in a myriad of other school events including assisting in student performances and running the Technical Theatre and Production Arts clubs.

Mrs Brewer- joined the PE and Dance team in spring 2019 and provides valuable administrative support.


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