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Work Experience

Work Experience, 17-21 July 2017 

Please see below details of the WEX scheme for 2017

Year 10 Work Experience 2017
Download a copy of the Work Experience Own Placement Form here


Work Experience 2016

Time goes by very quickly and it has been just over 7 weeks since students went off on work experience. I would like to firstly thank all the families for their support throughout the process. Students were a real credit to themselves, the school and their families. The feedback from tutors, employers and students was incredibly beneficial and positive too. Some had very funny stories to tell and although the majority of students were a little nervous on Day 1 of work experience by the end of the week their confidence levels were outstanding.  This experience will be valuable as they move through the next few months of study and for a number of students this opportunity has helped focus their ambitions for the future.

Please take time to look at the celebration presentation:

Celebration Presentation